Maria + Brian

If you love breakfast, we can be friends. If you love Parks and Rec, we can for sure be friends. If you love Parks and Rec, breakfast, and the office we are BFFFFSSSSS for life! Maria and Brian lived out an actual Office/Parks and Rec love story. Without even watching the shows! They met and […]

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Word of the Year, 2018: Peace

  Have you ever done a “Word of the Year” when starting a new year? I haven’t. This is my first year every sitting down and writing out goals or things I want to improve on whether in my business, my personal life, my family, or whatever it may be. The Word of the Year […]

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Washington, DC Engagement: Tana + Danny

Well, Danny + Tana…it’s totally not fair that you kept alllllll the pretty to yourselves. I mean, I get it, but really….share the pretty! 😉 We are less than one month away from Danny + Tana’s wedding and I couldn’t be more excited to shoot their wedding at the end of the month. Gauging  how […]

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Chesapeake Wedding: Luke + Karina

So this is literally the fourth time I’ve had to rewrite this blog. The first few times it didn’t save when I walked away from my computer and now it didn’t get switched over to my new blog. A few weeks ago, I had the utmost privilege to capture the story of Karina + Luke’s […]

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engagement, engagement session, sunrise engagement shoot, wedding

Georgetown Sunrise Engagement: Amy + Mark

I met Amy + Mark at the Georgetown Waterfront at sunrise on the last cold day of the year before Spring set in. 

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Mondays are For....

Real-Talk Mondays: Be Inspired

There’s something that comes alive in your soul when you do something creative…

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engagement, engagement session, wedding

Lincoln Memorial Engagement: Michelle + Will

Michelle and Will are the sweetest couple. The morning of their E-session was glorious! 

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You Guuuuuyyyysss!!!

Hey you guuuuys,  I have a blog and a website and it’s awesome looking! Now that it’s up and running, I promise (read: try) to write more. Ya know, I used to write a lot…I used to have depth…I liked writing… And then I had kids and my mind became mush. It became an overflowing […]

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