Seven Oaks Lavender Farm: Cady + Alan

When I found out I was pregnant last March, I knew I needed to hire an assistant to help me with bags and such during my weddings. Weddings are a ton of work being on your feet for 12 hours NOT being pregnant. So you can imagine the kind of toll it would take while […]

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Word of the Year, 2018: Peace

  Have you ever done a “Word of the Year” when starting a new year? I haven’t. This is my first year every sitting down and writing out goals or things I want to improve on whether in my business, my personal life, my family, or whatever it may be. The Word of the Year […]

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That one snowy day…

I hate snow. I hate winer. I hate being cold. Don’t get me wrong though. I like snow on the first day it falls. It’s romantic and cozy. I hate it the day after though. I hate the cold wind, shoveling out everything, the wet slush, putting on billions of layers…the after math of it […]

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Engaged: Cara + Josh

  I CAN NOT WAIT for Josh and Cara’s wedding next May! I met Cara and Josh at Manassas Battlefield Park on the very first absolutely FREEZING day of the year. Seriously. It was SO. COLD. But looking at the pictures, you wouldn’t think it was cold. Josh and Cara nailed their engagement session. I […]

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Married: Danny + Tana, Rockville, MD

I’m not kidding when I say I want my brides to not only be my clients, but I also want them as friends. I mean, if I’m going to be with you MORE than your future spouse is on your wedding day, we need to click and have some kind of camaraderie, right? When I […]

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Kindle Giveaway

Hi! Welcome to my new home for Jenny B Photography. Pretty, isn’t it? We decided to give my work a new home because my old website just wasn’t explaining very clearly who I was and what my style of photography is and how I go about shooting a wedding. I am absolutely in LOVE with […]

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Announcement: New Lifestyle Shoots!

I promised I’d write more and ta-da! I’m writing a new blog right now! (high-fiving all the angels!)  Brian and I have been talking about this project for quite some time. I’ve been really excited just thinking about it and hoping it works to help out some people.  So, are you ready? Here it is. […]

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