Engaged: Paisley + Amir, Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms at the Tidal Basin are always a popular spot. Like, it gets crazy. If you think tourists in the middle of the day are bad around the basin…try going at sunrise. All the photogs and all the couples are there. And rightfully so! It’s stunning and it’s the best time to go to […]

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Kindle Giveaway

Hi! Welcome to my new home for Jenny B Photography. Pretty, isn’t it? We decided to give my work a new home because my old website just wasn’t explaining very clearly who I was and what my style of photography is and how I go about shooting a wedding. I am absolutely in LOVE with […]

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That Squishy Feeling.

I love to color, you guys! Like, LOOOOVE it! During the winter, we enrolled Eloise in a swim class on Saturdays. So every other Saturday, Brian and I would take turns taking her to swim class. One Saturday, it was Brian’s turn to take her to swim class. I had about 2 hours to myself…well, […]

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